Satellite Distribution Verification
D2D Distribution Ltd. is a leading door-to-door distribution company that strives to ensure that our client’s products are distributed accurately and in accordance with the target market. With satellite tracking technology, we can accurately monitor the progress of distributions, ensuring full customer satisfaction and efficient use of resources.

Cutting-Edge Tracking System Technology
The company utilizes cutting-edge technology to track every single delivery, providing real-time reporting of all distribution activities as they occur. This includes a bar graph showing the exact number of deliveries made and an interactive map outlining in great detail the exact snail trail of distribution routes taken. Once the distribution is complete, reports are generated automatically by our system showing:

Furthermore, each client is provided with comprehensive reports containing information on what households have been visited and when allowing them to make sure that no area has been left out or neglected.

Team of Experts
We also employ a team of experienced professionals who are able to verify each delivery report before it is presented to the client for review. This ensures that all deliveries are properly accounted for and reported accurately, providing clients with peace of mind knowing that their products have been distributed exactly as planned.
With years of experience in the industry and a wide range of satisfied customers, D2D Distribution Ltd continues to be one of the most trusted names in door-to-door distribution services today. By combining advanced tracking technology with expert human skill sets, we provide the highest levels of accuracy and reliability when it comes to distributing your products.