Best Service, Right Time, Right People
D2D Distribution Ltd is an established and trusted company that provides a range of bespoke services to ensure your direct marketing needs are met.

Satellite-verified door-to-door distribution
We offer satellite-verified door-to-door distribution of leaflets, samples, newspapers, and magazines within London and the Home Counties.

Bulk drop deliveries
Our bulk drop delivery service enables you to reach a wider audience at once, as well as allowing you to target specific areas for greater efficiency.

Peak-time station handouts
Peak-time station handouts provide you with the opportunity to engage with commuters in busy stations during peak times.

Distribution bin stocking
We also offer distribution bin stocking services so that you can easily place flyers in busy locations around the city.

Mailing house
We provide comprehensive mailing house services for all your mail needs.

Direct marketing services
Our direct marketing services are tailored to each client’s individual requirements; we offer both traditional methods and more cutting-edge solutions such as SMS messages, email campaigns, and social media engagement.

Supermarket surveys
We even have specialist supermarket survey teams who can analyze customer behavior on behalf of our clients.

Selected residential distribution
Our selected residential distribution service ensures that your materials will be delivered directly to homes in targeted areas.

Independent company survey
Our independent company survey team gathers feedback on behalf of clients to ensure their products or services are meeting customer expectations.

High-Quality Services with a Focus on Excellence
D2D Distribution Ltd has a reputation as one of the most reliable and efficient direct marketing providers around; our team will collaborate closely with your business every step of the way to ensure your message reaches its desired audience swiftly and effectively. We have utilized our extensive local knowledge combined with advanced technologies over many years to develop an unrivaled package of services adapted specifically for the modern digital age - meaning whatever your requirements may be; D2D Distribution Ltd has the perfect solution for you!


Expect to Make it Perfect
D2D Distribution Ltd. is a London and Home Counties-based distribution service provider. Our expertise lies in auditable delivery, allowing us to provide the most accurate, reliable, and efficient distribution systems. We offer a variety of services, from leaflets and samples to newspapers and magazines. We have developed a comprehensive methodology that ensures our clients' requirements are met with accuracy, reliability, and efficiency.
We understand how important it is to deliver products effectively and efficiently. We strive to ensure our services are tailored to meet the needs of each client in the best possible way. Our methodology is designed to ensure that all orders are delivered quickly, reliably, and accurately.

Careful Assessment of Customized Distribution Plan
We begin by carefully assessing your needs before creating a customized distribution plan according to your specific requirements. This includes considering factors such as quantity, target area(s) (postcodes/wards/etc.), delivery timescale(s), and any other desired criteria. Once established, we use our extensive network of contacts across London and the Home Counties to ensure your product reaches its destination in the most efficient manner possible.

Single-Item Distributions
In terms of single-item distributions, unless stated by the client we will always deliver items as individual packages (where applicable). However, if desired we can also provide shared delivery options.

Fully Auditable Distributions
Finally, we take great pride in providing only the highest quality of service for our clients which is why all of our distributions are fully auditable right down to individual postcode levels if required. This means that you can rest assured knowing every single distribution has been carried out exactly as specified with no discrepancies whatsoever or compromises made on quality or speed of delivery – guaranteed!